Antelope Valley Events and Programs

The Baha'is of Antelope Valley host variety of introductory meetings, study classes, devotional gatherings, children and junior youth programs and other special events that are free and open to the public. Please contact us to get more information about any of our programs and events.

Introductory presentation

As a first step, we encourage you to participate in a short introductory presentation about the Bahá'í Faith. The presentation can take place over a cup of coffee or tea in a local coffee shop. Appointments are made to fit your schedule.

Bahá'í prayer and devotional gatherings

Bahá'í study circles

Reflections on the Life of the Spirit examines spiritual matters such as prayer, meditation, life after death and the development of the soul.

Spiritual education classes for children

These classes include short lessons, activities to build social skills and friendships, games, stories that illustrate virtues like love, kindness, generosity, and art and music.

Junior youth spiritual empowerment program

Groups of participants engage in activities such as artistic expression, discussion, drama, cooperative games, study of literature, story telling and acts of community service.